Market Insight

Building New vs. Buying an Existing Home

When making the decision to either build or buy your new Kerrville home, there are many factors to consider. Use the guide below to explore both options and determine which choice better suits your needs and lifestyle.

Move Up Buying and You

As your life changes over time, so do your housing needs.  Whether you’re building a family, a house, or a business venture, the Hill Country offers an excellent environment to settle down long-term.  But, although moving up can be enticing, there are a few things we recommend you consider when making the decision.

upgrades:Additional services offered by builders and other contractors to buyers in a new home that go beyond the minimal requirements for service.

mortgage:A contract that represents the debt owed by the borrower to the lender for the money borrowed to purchase a property.

equity:The difference between the value of a property and the amount still owed on the property.

access:The right to enter a land through public route; also may include entering the land from another private land.

The Housing Market and Your Home

The price point of your home is directly related to the housing market- specifically, the housing market in your immediate Kerrville neighborhood.

The Costs of Selling a Home

We all know that buying a home can be a large expense; however, sellers also need to be aware of the costs and fees on their end of the deal. 

closing:The final, legal act of a transaction, where contracts are agreed upon and finalized, and monies are exchanged.

From the City to the Country: Why Big City Execs are Buying up Hill Country Properties

Over the past several years, the Texas Hill Country has seen a ton of ongoing growth. This begs the question: where are these people coming from, and how are they affording to build luxurious homes on these expansive properties?