Kerrville: An Overview

In the 1840s, a group of German immigrants came across an extraordinary piece of mid-Texas land in the Guadalupe River Valley. Drawn to its strategic location and captivating natural beauty, these settlers soon became the first Kerrville residents. Over the course of Kerrville's history, this town has served as an excellent getaway from the hubbub of the city. This is not surprising, especially considering Kerrville’s extremely favorable location, which provides easy access to both cities and the rolling Hill Country. These features have led to an increasingly rich and diverse community of residents, continuing at exciting growth rate.

No matter how you like to spend your free time, Kerrville has you covered with an abundant supply of both natural and modern activities. Kerrville is home to several distinct waterfronts, all of which contribute to an excellent supply of outdoor recreation and leisure activities. On the other end of the spectrum, these natural elements are complemented well by a unique shopping culture. Whether you’re wandering through the historic downtown district, enjoying fine wine at an acclaimed local eatery or vineyard, or attending a cultural arts event, this Hill Country town has a lot to offer.

Besides gorgeous waterfronts and shopping, this city also possesses a commitment to excellence that has led to a prosperous, sustainable community, from education to area employers. Naturally, this type of success begins with an excellent education system. Kerrville’s public and private schools alike have earned academic recognition from the state of Texas. Several higher education institutions continue this legacy of excellence with their presence in or near Kerrville. Similarly, easy access to quality healthcare has set the precedent for a healthy city. Overall, the beauty and fun of Kerrville is backed by diversity and quality. From its award-winning golf communities to its charming historical neighborhoods to its modern luxury communities, Kerrville offers a piece of Texas unlike any other.

Public/Private schools

A high-quality community like Kerrville does not disappoint when it comes to education. Kerrville provides excellent private and public schools, setting high standards for the next generation of Texas Hill Country residents. Kerrville ISD, located just off I-10, enrolls over 5,000 students. Kerrville ISD has consistently “Met Standard” in the TEA system, and every campus in the district has earned either “Recognized” or “Exemplary” ratings. Kerrville ISD provides four elementary schools (Tally, Nimitz, Starkey, and Daniels), two middle schools (BT Wilson 6th Grade & Peterson), and two high schools (Tivy High and Hill Country High School). Private schools include Grace Christian School, Hill Country Seventh-day Adventist School, Holy Cross Lutheran School, and Notre Dame Catholic School, among others.

Higher Ed

Those seeking higher education near or in Kerrville won’t have to look very far. Located in Kerrville, Schreiner University has earned a name as an exceptional private 4-year college. Established in 1923, Schreiner has consistently been rated as one of the top regional liberal arts colleges in the Western U.S. The University also provides enrollment in Greystone Preparatory School, which offers up to 36 college credit hours to those entering the military service. Additionally, San Antonio College Nursing School and Alamo Colleges have capitalized on this growing town by building locations in Kerrville.


Kerrville certainly has no shortage of recreation and leisure activities. Kerrville is known for its beautiful parks along the Guadalupe River. Kerrville-Schreiner Park is full of activity, including hiking, biking, sand volleyball, fishing, a butterfly garden, overnight camping, kayaking, canoeing, and more. Singing Wind Park boasts a skate park, Olympic sized pool, and gorgeous pavilions and gazebos. Besides the natural beauty of the Guadalupe Valley, fun-filled experiences await at The Hill Country Shooting Sports Center (U.S. Olympic Training Site), Kerrville Kroc Center, and several hunting ranches. Paintball, the Riverside Nature Center, and the Scott Schreiner Golf Course also play a part in making Kerrville the center of unforgettable outdoor fun.

Cultural Arts

In addition to its active outdoor culture, Kerrville possesses a rich cultural arts realm. The city was originally a hub for Texan artists, inspiring artisans, painters, writers and musicians with its beautiful scenery and earthy atmosphere. Still today, this city will hold your attention with its penchant for the creative. In the art realm, the Kerr Arts and Cultural Center hosts several acclaimed seasonal art shows and collections throughout the year. The Hill Country Museum and the Museum of Western Art are open year-round to history and art lovers alike. Kerrville also encourages artistic endeavors through music and theater. The Point Theater, part of the Hill Country Arts Foundation, performs various plays throughout the year, and the Cailloux City Center for the Performing Arts hosts many acclaimed orchestras and musical ensembles.

Kerrville is also famous for its flourishing festivals, including the Texas State Arts and Crafts fair and the Kerrville Folk Festival. The Folk Festival welcomes over 30,000 fans each year, promising heartfelt music and stories in the beautiful Guadalupe Valley. Considering the beauty of the area, it’s no surprise that Kerrville’s incredible setting has created a lasting artistic legacy.

Dining and Sipping

After a day of active recreation, shopping, or sightseeing, the most welcome sight is a well-prepared meal. Kerrville does not disappoint when it comes to dining in either a relaxed or luxury setting. Whether you’re seeking ethnic, American, or fine food, Kerrville provides a variety of award-winning options for live music, bars, grills, and eateries. From upscale 1011 Bistro to the retro Burgers and Moore, you will find the perfect place to satisfy your hunger. Additionally, Kerrville recently opened its first winery, built on an original Kerrville homestead. Situated on a high hill overlooking the Hill Country, Kerrville Hills Winery is the perfect place to relax, sit, and sip.


Perhaps the most influential and well-known part of Kerrville is its abundant supply of natural beauty. Situated on the banks of the sparkling Guadalupe River, which runs directly through downtown, Kerrville is home to some of the best tubing, boating, and water activities in Texas. Ingram Lake and Dam also make for excellent kayaking, canoeing, fishing, scuba diving, etc.


One of the surprisingly pleasant aspects of Kerrville is its weather. Though Texas is known for sweltering heat and nonexistent winters, Kerrville manages to defy these stereotypes. The weather is pleasant around the year, with summer highs of 95 degrees and winter lows of 35 degrees. Rainfall is appropriately plentiful, but the humidity is low. The days are warm and the nights remain cool. This exceptionally scenic location also provides excellent air and water quality. Overall, the climate and atmosphere in Kerrville contribute to its reputation as an exceptional natural location in the Hill Country.


Given its central location in the Texas Hill Country, Kerrville is an easy drive from both major Texas cities and Hill Country towns alike. Located 65 miles northwest of San Antonio and 102 miles west of Austin, it’s an easy drive from these two very distinct and vibrant Texas cities. Highway access from Kerrville is simple as it rests both on Interstate 10 and at the junction of TX Highways 16 and 27. Though Kerrville is small and cozy, its proximity to travel resources, highways, and urban amenities are convenient and favorable to those who don’t want to sacrifice the draw of the big city. Additionally, Kerrville offers easy travel to many surrounding Hill Country towns like Fredericksburg, Comfort, and Medina, among others. Overall, Kerrville’s location provides it with a unique combination of urban amenities and small-town charm.


Kerrville has also earned a name for itself through its outstanding healthcare systems. Award-winning Peterson Regional Medical Center is a private facility with state-of-the-art equipment, a caring and knowledgeable staff, and a peaceful environment. Its complex includes a 124-bed hospital, surgery center, home care, etc. Recently, Peterson was awarded three awards for its Total Knee and Hip Replacement Program. In addition, Kerrville Home Health Care and Tri County Home Health provide excellent home care systems. Kerrville State Hospital is one of the leading mental health facilities in the state. Finally, Kerrville is home to the South Texas Veterans Health Care System, making it an excellent place for retired military members and their families to settle down. These excellent healthcare systems set the precedent for a healthy community like Kerrville.

Golf Communities

Because of its excellent location, which allows for abundant acreage and a peaceful setting, several golf clubs and communities have flourished in the Kerrville area. In fact, Kerrville is known for one of the top 100 golf communities in the country. Comanche Trace is an established, luxurious golf community that offers a championship course and incredible views of the Guadalupe. Other area golf courses include Scott Schreiner Municipal Golf Course and Riverhill Country Club, Inc. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed setting or a competitive edge, Kerrville can provide you with the golf experience that suits your personality.

Planned communities

It’s no secret that Kerrville is an excellent place to retire. The relaxing views, comfortable climate, and active cultural arts realm beckon folks who are ready to swap the fast-paced life with a more luxurious, low-key lifestyle. The local VA hospital makes Kerrville the perfect place for military retirees to settle down. Because of its ideal location for retirement, Kerrville offers excellent master-planned retirement communities with active communities and scenic beauty. Such communities include Emeritus at Plaza on the River, The Hills of Kerrville Apt Villas, Sterling House of Kerrville, Timberhill Villa, The Haven in the Texas Hill Country, River Point Senior Living of Kerrville, etc. No matter your age, occupation, or personality, you’re sure to find the community that fits you.


Kerrville boasts a rich and diverse community. Currently, the 22,000-person population is primarily made up of mostly European and Hispanic descendants with a median age of 45. Of the 9,400 occupied homes, 2,300 are made up of families with children under 18, and 4,760 homes belong to owners over 60 years old. $47,000 is the median family income. Kerrville is currently experiencing an exciting growth rate, and job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be around 40%!


Besides incredible natural beauty, Kerrville offers tons of local specialty shops, boutiques, and antique treasure troves. Sunrise Antique Mall is known for quirky, reasonably-priced treasures, while Wolfmueller’s Books boasts more than 30,000 used and rare books. With a history of fine art, it’s no surprise that James Avery was founded right outside Kerrville and continues to make Kerrville home to one of its main manufacturing locations. You can take a tour of the artisan plaza or shop in the retail store. Overall, whether you’re wandering through downtown historic district or finding deals at the River Hills Mall, you’ll find a shopping experience that suits you.


Several large employers are strategically located in the Kerrville area. Nearby job types cater to everyone from medical health professionals to educators to financial experts. Large area employers include Peterson Regional Medical Center, Kerrville State Hospital, James Avery Crafsman, Inc, Kerr Country, etc. Sales, administrative support, and management occupations also provide a good deal of employment in the Kerrville area.

Luxury neighborhoods:

Due to its prime location in the Guadalupe River Valley, Kerrville is home to a number of luxury neighborhoods, both along waterfronts and on multi-acre properties. These homes range in price and style to fit a variety of personalities. These neighborhoods include Comanche Trails, Cypress Springs Estates, Tierra Linda Ranch, Bearpaw Ranch, and Creekwood Ranches, among many others. These communities provide various luxuries like tennis courts, sparkling pools, horseback riding, roaming wildlife, and even a 3,000-foot airstrip. If you’re seeking a luxury community in Kerrville, you won’t have to settle for a meager selection.


Kerrville’s first residents made their way up the beautiful Guadalupe Valley in the 1840s in search of a supply of healthy cypress trees for shingle-making. Joshua Brown and several other families found the Kerrville area to be extremely desirable for both live and work. Natural resources were plentiful and the land was fertile. Several years later, Texas Revolution Officer James Kerr platted the area and dubbed it “Kerrville.” Later development flourished with the building of a large grist and sawmill, several mercantile stores, and many homes. Many of these original settlers have descendants who claim Kerrville as their home.