Kerrville Schools: Pride in Local Education

A respected and established community, Kerrville takes pride in the local education system. Kerrville ISD is no exception, going above and beyond Texas standards in almost every area. 

Kerrville ISD, enrolling over 5,000 students over eight campuses, including two high schools, two middle schools, and four elementary schools, has consistently “Met Standard” in the TEA system, and every campus has earned either “Recognized” or “Exemplary” ratings. Several Kerrville ISD schools have also earned Title 1 Distinguished Performance Awards.

High Schools:

High schools in the area include Tivy High School and Hill Country High School.

These schools have exceptional student-teacher ratios (approximately 15:1) and a high participation in AP classes. Students perform statistically well above average and receive a high amount of college scholarships.

Middle Schools

Middle schools include BT Wilson 6th Grade and Hal Peterson Middle School.

Elementary Schools:

Elementary Schools in Kerrville are Tally Elementary, Nimitz Elementary, Starkey Elementary, and Daniels Elementary. All of these elementary schools are known for their exceptional preparation of students for later grades. Tally Elementary has been named among the “Best Public Schools in Texas” in Texas Monthly.

Private Schools:

Myriad private schools in the area cater to multiple educational philosophies and religious backgrounds. These include Grace Christian School, Hill Country Seventh-day Adventist School, Holy Cross Lutheran School, and Notre Dame Catholic School, among others.

No matter when your child enters into the Kerrville school system, you can be sure they will receive a top-notch education from experienced, passionate teachers and schools. The Kerrville district is highly acclaimed, and it’s no surprise that its students excel.